Perception is Everything

I was just thinking about how our perception of our lives is more of a defining factor than the reality of our lives is. I mean yes, we can be in situations that we feel are difficult and we can also have days where we think things can’t possibly ever get any better. And then we can have days where … Read More

Increase Your Income By Clearing Your Chakra Databanks

What are chakra databanks, you ask? Well, according to Rose Rosetree, a wonderful spiritual teacher, healer, empath, and leader in the field of Energy Spirituality, each chakra contains 50 “databanks,” and these databanks contain energetic information regarding how you interact with the world.

Can a Soul Clearing Help You Attract Financial Abundance?

With so many of us experiencing difficulty in our financial lives, it is now more important than ever that we understand the dynamics of what is going on “behind the scenes” in our lives. It’s not always all about the actions and choices that we take here in the physical that leave us in a state of lack. Often we … Read More

Why Clearing the Negativity from Your Life is So Important

It is important that we align ourselves with as much positive energy as possible, especially in these changing and confusing times. The more positivity we create in our own lives, the more it expands out into the Universe. We are all intricately connected and one person’s actions can both directly and indirectly affect another’s, whether we realize it or not, … Read More

The Importance of Allowing

So many of us are constantly striving for better, seeking more, looking for the next best thing that will help us get that ‘thing’ we are looking for – whatever that may be – happiness, fulfilling relationships, money, etc. But why is it that we have expended so much effort, whether it be on new clothes, a new diet, spending … Read More