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You’re a go-getter. You achieve the things you set out to do.

You KNOW you have a purpose to fulfill and you’re ready to get going, if you haven’t already.

You KNOW that if you could just get on the right path, you will have WHATEVER YOU WANT.

You’re READY to live a life without struggle, lack and poverty, to never want for anything or live in sadness, despair or worry.

You want a life of true abundance. PERIOD.

And I’m here to help you live it...

Because I know, in your most perfect, natural state, you ARE abundance, health, wealth, happiness, joy, gratitude, and anything else positive you can think of. These positive energies and more are the very essence of your being.

But at the very same time…

You’re here because something is out of alignment for you, but you’re not quite sure what it is.

You KNOW you’re on the cusp of it, but you can’t quite break through the barriers holding you back from success and having what you want in life.

You’re ready to change your life, but… how?

If you’re like the go-getters I work with you’ve tried it all… law of attraction, manifesting, prayer, psychic readings, coaching, and maybe even counseling … but something is still missing. Nothing has produced the transformation you long for. You might even be a little afraid that you’re not able to create what you want for your life.

But you press on and continue your search because you KNOW with complete certainty that a solution DOES exist – you just haven’t found it yet.

What if I told you that something missing is - YOU?

The secret to abundance lies in becoming more of WHO YOU ARE.

The only blocks to living an abundant life are ones of your own design, usually from past experiences.

By clearing away those blocks, you can naturally and effortlessly return to who you truly are and who you intended yourself to BE … PURE ABUNDANCE.

By working with me, you can:

  • Discover your Purpose and fully know yourself ... so you can CLAIM your right path in life and start living the life of your dreams
  • Heal your Past Lives ... and as a result, heal your future
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides ... and receive the guidance you've been searching for
  • Experience that breakthrough you’ve been praying for … and FINALLY step into the flow of abundance once and for all
  • Step actively into your role as the powerful, conscious creator of your life … and shift your mindset to thrive in abundance and prosperity
  • Expand your awareness to see opportunities you've been missing … and finally get to take advantage of them!

You KNOW that there is a deeper level of transformation waiting to happen within you, but you don’t quite know how to attain it.

I can help you achieve a new level of enlightenment and awareness about yourself and your life – one that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

I specialize in Akashic Records Readings & Research, Energy Clearing, and Spiritual Guidance. I have spent years developing my intuitive and psychic abilities to bring you the best in Akashic Records Readings, Energy Healing and helping you connect with your Spirit Guides. Learn more About Me by clicking here.

I am here to help you find the secret to manifesting abundance in your life.

And if you're ready for change, TRULY ready for change and to Manifest Abundance NOW, then... Book an Akashic Records Reading TODAY!

What results do clients see after working with me?

Everything just seems to go better for them! They are no longer carrying the same amount of negativity from past experiences that they were before, so they automatically attract better choices, opportunities, people, and situations into their lives. This shows up in all areas of their lives – money, career, health (physical, mental, and emotional), and relationships.

They grow and expand into a new level of awareness and transformation that they simply could not achieve before. And as a result, they can identify and take advantage of new opportunities that enhance their life rather than holding them back, while at the same time recreate and restructure their circumstances and relationships to design the life of their choosing.

Specific results my clients have seen:

  • Clearer Sense of Purpose and Direction
  • Ability to Receive “On Demand” Guidance from their Spirit Guides
  • Fully Activated Intuitive & Healing Abilities
  • Greater Mental Clarity, & Improved Decision-Making Abilities
  • More Freedom in ALL areas of their life
  • Unexpected Career and Business Opportunities Opening Up
  • Dramatic Increases in Financial Abundance
  • Ability to Manifest Effortlessly Each and Every Time
  • Chronic Health & Emotional Problems Diminished or Gone Altogether

And most of all…

They are finally at peace with themselves living in the light of abundance, consciously creating the life of their dreams.

There is no more mental and emotional tug-of-war because all that negativity and confusion that was keeping them stuck in the cycle of indecision and confusion is gone and they are finally moving forward toward the satisfying the life of their own creation!

Prospective clients often ask me what makes me and what I offer different. To summarize it briefly, I go above and beyond to get results where others don't. I've expanded my knowledge base on the Akashic Records, Energy Clearing and my ability to obtain Spiritual Guidance to such a broad capacity - more than most - and I keep expanding.

I NEVER stop learning, and as a result YOU benefit. I've done the work so YOU don't have to.

So if you're ready for change, TRULY ready for change and to Manifest Abundance NOW, then... Book an Akashic Records Reading and Energy Clearing TODAY!

About Me


I am a healer, a pioneer, and a provider and teacher of spiritual truth and healing wisdom.

I am an expert at bringing clarity into your life, and a specialist and a master at creating a new level of transformation within you. I help you get to the truth of what is holding you back, and then I clear away the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

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  • Maria F.
    Maria F.,

    I only have good things to say about Sallie. She has been helping me during some rough times in my life and I can’t say enough THANK YOU! Sallie has been doing lots of clearings and I am enrolled in her “Clearing and Coaching Program”. What Sallie has done for me, and I believe she’ll do for every single client, Continue Reading... Maria F.

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  • Mary Jane A
    Mary Jane A.,

    When I first contacted Sallie, I had been reading about manifesting for about a year and really wanted to manifest abundance, but had not had any success to that point and I couldn’t figure out what was preventing me from manifesting the life I wanted. I had been following one of the mass-marketed programs that claims to help you manifest Continue Reading... Mary Jane A.

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  • Crystal P.
    Crystal P.,

    Sallie’s work is truly life changing! I have been working with her for only 2 weeks but with all that has happened it feels like it has been several months! I started with the mini Akashic readings for me and my family and the level of detail and accuracy made me wonder why she called it a “mini” reading We Continue Reading... Crystal P.

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  • Georgia C
    Georgia C.,

    I have been working with Sallie for over a year on many issues that are affecting me in my personal life. I was progressing and seeing myself in a new light but realized I had deep seated hurts that would require much more work to heal. I was excited to try the Heart & Soul Centered program because it offered Continue Reading... Georgia C.

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  • Jessica Halsey
    Jessica Halsey,

    I cannot say enough about Sallie’s manifestation program. It has truly changed my life. The technique that she gave me to use was specific to me and I know that is why it was worked incredibly well. When I starting using the technique, I began with small things to test it out. I manifested a $10 bill, which I ended Continue Reading... Jessica Halsey

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  • Johnny Grady
    Johnny Grady, The Netherlands

    Two words describe the Present Life reading/clearing I received from Sallie….peace and clarity. At many times I was at a crossroads with certain life situations…situations that have “repeatedly” manifested themselves in my life. Since the readings, I have definitely embraced the peace and insight of my being. I also feel “lighter” now since the clearing. I feel it has allowed Continue Reading... Johnny Grady The Netherlands

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  • Sidney G
    Sidney G.,

    Sallie, I can’t thank you enough for the reading and clearing sessions. The results in my life have been powerful and I felt the “shift” almost immediately. I now have clarity and action where before there was confusion and immobilization. I am moving forward in my life purpose career with confidence, knowing that I am on the right path to Continue Reading... Sidney G.

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  • Fran C
    Fran C.,

    The term “Akashic records” kept popping into my awareness. After a review of the various links of information I felt the pace change and just a few internet clicks later I found myself on Sallie’s page… I felt an immediate connection with Sallie and asked for a mini reading… Wow, the concise packet of info she provided shook me to Continue Reading... Fran C.

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  • Kristen S
    Kristen S., Prince Frederick, MD

    I was very impressed with the Soul Realignment that Sallie did for me. The information she gave me has resonated in my life and was very accurate. The weekend that she did the clearing for me – I felt lighter and happier. For all of my life, I have had a problem with conflict. If anyone was upset with me, Continue Reading... Kristen S. Prince Frederick, MD

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  • Vanessa J
    Vanessa J., St. Petersburg, FL

    Sallie did Soul Realignments for my husband and I and it has already had a positive impact on our lives. We are both much happier and less stressed since our readings. I was truly impressed by how accurate the reading was about my personality and background. The reading gave me insight on events that have shaped my life and helped Continue Reading... Vanessa J. St. Petersburg, FL

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