You’re a go-getter.

You KNOW you can have WHATEVER YOU WANT. You KNOW you aren’t supposed to struggle or live in lack or poverty … To ever want for anything … To live in sadness, despair, or a constant state of worry.

You KNOW you were MEANT to live a wonderfully happy, healthy life filled with joy and gratitude where your heart’s desire is fulfilled each and every day of your life.

You KNOW you are supposed to live in abundance. PERIOD.

And I’m here to tell you’re absolutely right.

Why? Because in your most perfect, natural state, you ARE abundance, health, wealth, happiness, joy, gratitude, and anything else positive you can think of. These positive energies and more are the very essence of your being. But at the very same time…

Something is out of alignment for you, but you’re not quite sure what it is. You KNOW you’re on the cusp, but you just don’t know how to break through the barriers holding you back from success and having what you want in life.

You might even feel somewhat alone, isolated, left out, and unhappy because you don’t have everything you want … Almost like you’ve been left behind everyone else, or maybe even like you keep missing one great opportunity after another.

You’re ready to transform your life, but you just don’t quite know how.

It seems like no matter what you try … law of attraction, manifesting, prayer, energy work, psychic readings, coaching, and maybe even counseling … something is still missing. Nothing has produced the transformation you long for. As a result, you might even be a little afraid that you’re not able to create what you want for your life.

But you still continue your search because you are proactive and KNOW with all certainty that a solution DOES exist, even if you haven’t found it yet.

All you need to know is…

The only blocks to living an abundant life are ones of your own creation, usually from past experiences. By clearing away those blocks, you can naturally and effortlessly return to who you truly are and who you intended yourself to be … PURE ABUNDANCE.

Are You Ready to Step Into Who You Truly Are … into PURE ABUNDANCE?

You’ve come to the right place! You can:

Make that breakthrough to abundance you’ve been waiting for
Step actively into your role as the powerful, conscious creator of your life
Fully know yourself at Soul-level, your path in life, and your life purpose
Shift your mindset to a place where you thrive in abundance and prosperity
Expand your awareness to see opportunities you’ve been missing … and take advantage of them!
Recreate and restructure your life from the ground up with ease and joy

You KNOW that there is a deeper level of transformation waiting to happen within you, but you don’t quite know how to attain it.

I can help you achieve a new level of enlightenment and awareness about yourself and your life – one that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

I specialize in Akashic Records Readings & Research and Energy Clearing. I have spent thousands of dollars training in many different modalities to hone my abilities and bring you the best in energy healing. My goal is to find the secret to manifesting abundance in your life.

Just to name a few, I am a certified as an Akashic Records Reader, Usui Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, with training in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, 21st Century Energy Medicine with Deborah King, The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Sandra Anne Taylor’s Quantum Life Coaching, and from the Lightarian Institute.

I am a pioneer, a teacher of truth & healing wisdom.

I am an expert at bringing clarity into your life, and a specialist and a master at creating a new level of transformation within you. I help you get to the truth of what is holding you back, and then I clear the negative energy that is keeping you stuck.

I help you create the breakthrough you need to succeed.

My job is to empower you – to teach you how to shine in the light of abundance, what it means to fully experience and manifest abundance in all areas of your life, and to help you make your dreams come true.

I clear away ALL THAT YOU ARE NOT, so that you can return to WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

After a session with me, you will clearly identify patterns in your life that have been holding you back and change them going forward. You will finally understand what has brought you to the point where you are in your life and be able to shift things to create the life you both deserve AND desire.

What happens in a reading with me?

I specialize in utilizing the Akashic Records and Energy Clearing modalities as a tool for energetic Soul-level healing to create and manifest abundance in your life. Before our session, I will obtain some basic information from you so that I can access your personal Soul history through an Akashic Records Reading.

What are the Akashic Records, you ask?

Also referred to as the “Hall of Records” or the “Book of Life,” or even the “Mind of God,” the Akashic Records are a giant energetic database of every person, place, or thing that has ever existed. It contains all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos, and as such, this “database” is infinite and unending. The Akashic Records are the most comprehensive existing source of information available to us today.

By accessing your personal record through an Akashic Records Reading, I can tell you everything you need or want to know about yourself and your past experiences and how they have affected your life until now. I can also find the source to just about any problem you are having and clear away the negative energy that has been causing it and blocking your success for so long.

This can be anything from past experiences in both this lifetime or previous lifetimes that you may still be carrying negative energy from. Additionally, while still in your record, I can conduct a clearing to clear the negative energy directly from the source where it is stored. Utilizing the Akashic Records in this way is one of the most powerful ways to conduct healing in existence today because you are going straight to the “source” of the problem and clearing it away directly where it resides.

Check out this article for more information on using the Akashic Records as a tool for Soul-level healing.

What results do clients see after working with me?

Everything just seems to go better for them! They are no longer carrying the same amount of negative energy from past experiences that they were before, so they automatically attract better choices, opportunities, people, and situations into their lives. This shows up in all areas of their lives – money, career, health (physical, mental, and emotional), and relationships.

They grow and expand into a new level of awareness and transformation that they simply could not achieve before. And as a result, they can identify and take advantage of new opportunities that enhance their life rather than holding them back.

Specific results my clients have seen:

Exponential Growth in Opportunities
• Dramatic Increase in Financial Abundance
• Greater Freedom, Mental Clarity, & Purpose
• Ability to Manifest Effortlessly Every Time
• Improved Decision-Making Abilities
• Increase in Creativity, Talents, Speaking & Healing Abilities
• Chronic Health & Emotional Problems Diminished or Gone Altogether
• And most of all…

They are finally at peace with themselves living in the light of abundance, consciously creating the life of their dreams.

There is no more mental and emotional tug-of-war because all that negativity and confusion that was keeping them stuck in the cycle of indecision and confusion is gone and they are finally moving forward toward the satisfying the life of their own creation!

Prospective clients often ask me what makes me and what I offer different. To summarize it briefly, I go above and beyond to get results where others don’t. I’ve expanded my knowledge base on Energy Clearing to such a broad capacity – more than most – and I keep expanding. I NEVER stop learning, and as a result YOU benefit. I’ve done the work so YOU don’t have to.

So if you’re ready for change, TRULY ready for change and to Manifest Abundance NOW, then… Book a Reading TODAY!