Cutting Cords: Shielding Yourself From Negative Cords

energetic connections

Energetic connections to others can drain your energy.

Any time you have a relationship with another person, it can lead to energetic connections being formed between you and the other person. These connections can take on many forms, such as cords of attachments or ‘hooks,’ and the depth and meaning behind them depend on the type of relationship it was.

Energetic connections are formed as a result of emotionally connecting to another Soul, whether that Soul is positive or negative, or the nature of the relationship was positive or negative. Regardless of the type of connection formed, they are a drain on your own energy and stop you from fulfilling the purpose you came to fulfill because your own energy is directed to the individuals you have the connections to, rather than to your own needs.

cut cords of attachmentAre you ready to release what is draining you and restore your own energy to you?

It IS possible to finally feel:

✓ Free of those who have been draining your energy
✓ In control of your own actions and choices
✓ Able to discern the true nature of your relationships
✓ Successful in your own projects and desired outcomes

Freeing yourself of what is holding you back can have profound effects on all areas of your life.


Cord Cutting: Cut the Cords that Drain Your Energy

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