Are you a healer or intuitive having difficulty accessing
the full capacity of your healing and intuitive abilities?

It’s not easy feeling like you have the ability to help and be of service to yourself and others in a far greater way, but you are stuck and you don’t know why.
You know with all certainty you have the capacity within you to do far more than you currently are. You can see it in your mind. There are signs everywhere pushing you forward, but still you feel lost and you long to find your way … to access those hidden healing and intuitive abilities that are hiding within you and share them with the world.

The good news is there is a way for you to fully access those abilities. You were given a gift by Spirit and you should be able to use it to the fullest.

Even if you don’t believe it at the moment, you DO have the ability to be a great healer or intuitive! The problem is that you may not see it or know it because of your past experiences related to using your gifts, and when you clear away the emotional baggage surrounding those experiences, you can once again fully access and utilize your healing and intuitive gifts and abilities.

Clear your blocks with the
Fulfill Your Destiny Program

Coaching Program for Healers & Intuitives is an 8–session program that will help you gain clarity on your unique gifts and abilities and then clear any blocks you have to fully accessing and using them.

Through the course of this program, you will:

  • Identify your Soul Purpose: find out what specific purpose your Soul was created to fulfill and the best way for you to make it a reality and how your unique gifts apply.
  • Learn how to access and utilize your abilities: through channeled guidance from your Spirit Guide Team, you will find out how to best utilize your gifts and abilities.
  • Clear your blocks to success: you’ll notice the barriers that have been keeping you from being successful as a healer or intuitive dissolving right in front of you.
  • Experience peace and fulfillment: you’ll see yourself moving through your days with far more ease, joy and confidence as you’re finally fully accessing your intuitive and healing abilities.

What’s included in the Program?

An Akashic Records Soul Profile Mini Reading (part of the Soul Clearing Package above) to reveal who you really are, what purpose you were designed to fulfill, and how you can best fulfill it by using your unique gifts and abilities.
A Soul Clearing Package to focus on clearing blocks preventing you from being successful as a healer or intuitive, diving unimaginably deep into your past to find out why you’re not. Then it completely dissolves those blocks, allowing you to move forward with clarity and confidence.
Energetic clearing of blocks that are preventing you from successfully fulfilling your purpose as a healer or intuitive. (Note: most people need 2–3 sessions.)
A written PDF report after each clearing session that details exactly what I cleared. Each report also includes spiritual guidance and physical action steps channeled from your Spirit Guide Team to help you become the healer you desire.
2 private 1–hour calls with me to review and check in on how things are going for you with connecting to your Guides.
UNLIMITED personal email support from me throughout the program.

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What are the Steps?

Session #1: Let’s get started!

The first step is for you to answer a few questions that will give me a better idea of what your gifts and abilities are and what you would like to happen going forward so we can set some goals for you. I’ll also check in with your Guides to see if they can suggest any exercises that will make this program more successful for you.

Session #2: Who are you at Soul level?

Next, I’ll complete your initial Soul Clearing and your Soul Profile. This explains who you are at Soul-level: your history, where you truly came from, your talents and characteristics, what purpose you were designed to fulfill and how you were designed to fulfill it.
This is a key program component, because it tells you if you are on the right track and which direction you should be headed as a healer, intuitive, or artist. I’ll also clear any initial blocks from past lives that are preventing you from fulfilling your purpose as a healer, intuitive, or artist.

Session #3: Our first call — review and check–in

We’ll hold a private, 1–hour phone call to review the information you’ve received so far. We’ll discuss what you’re experiencing, and I’ll channel the answers to any questions you might have directly from your Spirit Guides.
I’ll coach you on the best direction for you to take to use your gifts and abilities based on what I have found, and provide you with simple action steps you can take to get you well on your way to fully opening them up. You’ll even get tips and exercises directly from your Spirit Guides to help you too!

Sessions #4-7: Clear your blocks to becoming a great healer or intuitive!

During these sessions, we’ll work to improve your healing or intuitive abilities. I’ll find and clear any blocks that might be causing you difficulty over one or more clearing sessions, and we’ll communicate by email in between. I’ll also detail what I’ve done in written reports, along with spiritual guidance and physical action steps from your Spirit Guides channeled specifically to help you achieve your goals in your career.

Session #8: Our final call: review and check–in

We’ll get together by phone once more to review how things are going with respect to your healing and intuitive abilities. I’ll continue coaching you, and answer any final questions you may have.

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What do you need to do to be successful?

The Connecting to Spirit Program will teach you to connect to, communicate with, and receive support from your Spirit Guides with ease and flow. However, it will still require a few commitments from you to be successful:

“Showing up” commitment:

you’ll need to show up to the 2 private calls with me, and commit to asking any questions you have — either on the calls themselves, or afterwards in emails. You’ll also need to read through the reports I send you, and keep me updated on your progress via email.

Time commitment:

you’ll need to actually spend time following the guidance and taking the action steps I channel for you from your Spirit Guides. Results of clearing sessions are dependent on you following the guidance that goes along with it.
Effort commitment: you’ll need to make a genuine, concerted effort to follow my direction and communicate with your guides.

“Open mindedness” commitment:

you’ll need to be open to allowing your gifts and abilities to evolve in ways that you may not have expected, rather than setting expectations of what you think it “should” look like. The more open-minded you are, the better your results will be.

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(Need a split payment plan? Click here to make 2x monthly $527 payments instead)