Clear the Connections that Drain Your Energy

When we form and maintain relationships with other people, we not only do it in the physical sense through communication and interaction, but we also do it energetically, and even spiritually. We form energetic connections through our interactions with others. Those connections can take on many forms. Take for example, something that happened when you were younger. Say you got … Read More

True Healing is Achieved through Awareness

In order to truly heal ourselves of any mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or energetic difficulty, we must fully understand what the true source of our problem is so we can address it properly. And the source may not always be what we think. Even though an illness is physical, its true source may be spiritual or energetic. It is also … Read More

It’s Always a Choice

Whether we like to believe it or not, all of our circumstances, positive, negative or otherwise are all results of our choices that we have made sometime in our past. Learning cause and effect is one of the main reasons we come here. And we sure do a good job of that! Every choice we make, whether it is good … Read More

Past Life Regression vs an Akashic Records Reading

Anytime the subject of exploring past lives is discussed, things can get very interesting. Especially when the topic of past life regression is touched on. Having a past life regression typically means utilizing hypnosis, or perhaps even a deep form of meditation, to reenter your past lifetimes and experience them once again. The idea is that by experiencing them again, … Read More

How to De-Stress to Lose Weight

It’s a well-known fact that there is a direct correlation between our stress level and our weight. As our stress level increases we tend to eat more and put on more weight. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that stress is bad for us. But what is the mechanism behind it? If you look at it from … Read More